• Parent's feeling; what do they think:

    The mother of an autistic boy:

     ....He doesn't have the states of apathy any more. His eyes are more alive with every coming day. They are also smiling and more curious!! He is more open and shows a readiness to make contact and do new things. Whatever we offer we have a positive reaction from him. Even asking him to choose a game takes him just a few minutes. He is open to new challenges and eager to go forward. I see it in his eyes. He has such a glance that shows engagement and interest. I only pray to God to give me more power, concepts and ideas to work with him.

    Believe me, there is a challenge for me, too.



  • The parents of Justine and Sarah:

    Justine has become a real chatterbox with well-built sentences even though some words are still miss-pronounced.

    Sarah now has a wider vocabulary and tries to run. 

    Facial expression has changed in both of them. We have now smiling children's faces and not grimaces trying to represent a smile. (Mr and Mrs Joly)

    The grand-mother of Raphael:

    After AURICULA training I feel it's easier to work with him and he relates better to the surrounding environment. He is able to move forward much faster, which is just wonderful!