The AURICULA concept offers a way to overcome these sensory disabilities by treating the causes without using drug therapies.

  • Concept and solution:

    The symptoms of perceptual disorders are extremely varied and can change over time. Appropriate treatment is the key to improving the faculties and behaviours in question.

    If it is intensive, it will always be beneficial, and it is never too late to start a treatment. The human brain is capable of learning and assimilating at any age.

    The aim of the sensory reeducation programme is to durably improve the capacity to assimilate sensory information in:

    hearing, vision, touch and feeling, proprioception, balance, smell, taste, coordination as well as in motor dysfunction.

  • After an intensive course the results obtained are:

    • calmer behaviour and progress in speaking

    • improved concentration and attention

    • increased social interaction

    • reduction in sleeping difficulties

    • strengthened visual contact

    • better hand-eye coordination

    • reduced hyperactivity with increased learning capacity