Listen to some perceptual auditory dysfunctions:


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  • We use our five senses to perceive the world around us:

    • hearing
    • touch
    • sight
    • smell
    • taste

    The latest research now includes the sense of balance, proprioception and the sixth sense. To give us a unified and uniform view of what we perceive, our senses have to interact and integrate information correctly.

    Our brain processes multi-sensorial interactions extremely fast to give us what we know as perception of reality. Perception is thus a construction or assembly made by all the senses. (

  • Wrong sensory informations:

    If one or more of someone’s senses interact and integrate information wrongly, vaguely or irregularly, they will be dysfunctional and behave differently, often in a strange and incomprehensible way.

    They can be variously diagnosed as:

    • behavioural problems
    • ADHD, PDD
    • hyperactivity
    • auditory disorders
    • hyperacusis (sensitivity to sounds)
    • slow assimilation capacities
    • language disorders
    • dyslexia – dyscalculia
    • borderline
    • autism
    • Asperger’s syndrome