Each Auricula-center offers:

  • Sensitive professional care from the age of 3
  • Individualised training programmes tailored to your child’s needs
  • Training for parents or therapists in an individual programme of sensory stimulation and motor exercises
  • A personal programme for health and a healthy lifestyle

  • The Auricula training and concept:

    The training:

    The practitioner establishes an individual programme based on the patient’s sensory perceptual dysfunctions and adapts it as the patient’s ability progresses.

    The 10-day therapy helps to mitigate the dysfunctional difficulties and regain a much better quality of life.

    Order of events:

    • Fill in a questionnaire (please request by email or surface mail) and send it for analysis and report to admin@auricula.org.

    • Reply (by email) from the assessment committee.

    • Consultation (approx. 1 hour): assessment with the patient.

    • Programme preparation

    • Re-education training

    Intensive training sessions are offered in the Auricula centers or exceptionally at the home of the patient.



  • Origins and results:

    The AURICULA concept was first developed more than 20 years ago and is constantly enhanced by its founder Claudia Nyffenegger and her colleagues working the field of the senses. The outcome of the work relationship with specialists such as Dr. Uttenweiler, ENT Germany, Dr. Carl Delacato, Philadelphia, Dr. R. Nyffenegger, ENT, is this overall concept of sensory perception.

    After 5 years of concept appraisal, the success rate is estimated at 92.4%.

    AURICULA is represented in Europe and Mexico.

    It is approved by ASCA as a supplementary medicine in Switzerland, a partner of top-up health insurance companies and recently certified by ASCA International in France.